9 Out of 10 People Recommend Shopping on Amazon

According to the results of the 2013 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, Amazon has bested Apple this year to receive the award for the highest corporate reputation in the U.S.

The key to Amazon’s success is building a close relationship with its customers while not being pushy or invasive.

If you’ve shopped Amazon, you know that great care is taken after the sale in recommending products that might be useful to you.

If you sell on Amazon, you’ve likely received … Read the rest

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Selling on Amazon: Niche It or Not?

There’s no doubt that the fastest path to ecommerce success is to find a niche and focus.

But does this hold true on Amazon?

The Amazon model is very different from your standard ecommerce model. With your  own website you own the customer. This even holds true on eBay to a large extent.

With the Amazon model, Amazon … Read the rest

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60 Products to Sell on Amazon This Spring

The spring selling season is just around the corner and that means Amazon buyers are coming online to shop! What products will they be buying?

Every month of the retail year boasts it’s own special selling seasons. And Amazon product sales are no exception.

Amazon shoppers are headed online to look to shop for a wide range of spring-related products to … Read the rest

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Welcome to the Revolution!

There’s a revolution going on.

  • It’s defining the way you sell online.
  • Setting the course for the way you’ll publish your next book.
  • Changing the way the world searches for the next product they’ll buy.
  • Opening up new revenue models for entrepreneurs.
  • Refashioning technology.
  • Sweeping the world by storm.
  • It’s growing faster than
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